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"East European Experiments" is a collection of travel essays written by Robert Nagle, a Texas writer, about the time he lived in Albania and Ukraine between 1995-1998. I wrote this piece on June, 1997 and put it on the web in June, 1999. I have written three other travel essays which will eventually go on the web. I've also written a variety of politics about International Politics and culture. I also have plans to write several more essays.

This website also happens to be the first serious website I produced. When I worked in Eastern Europe between 1995-8, I had very limited access to the Internet, so I discovered the art of web publishing very late in the game. I'd love to hear from former students and friends from this region (especially from Vlore!). You can write me at idiotprogrammer @fastmailbox.net You can also read my weblogs which is also found here

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