Existential Linux

I have been having trouble with a samba share (something having to do with
group ownerships), and day after day I have been trying to figure out the
cause. I posted three things on newsgroups and actually had started to write
a question to the list several times, only to say to myself, wait, let me
try some more.

And lo and behold–just 5 minutes ago I figured it out. I am truly
speechless. I won’t bore you with the details of my problem, but I merely
wish to announce this breakthrough. (For those of you with any curiosity about the problem itself, see
my google post or an index to all my google posts.

Several times this kind of impasse has happened to me. About 50% of the time
I eventually figure it out, but the other 50% (usually when I post the
question somewhere), someone suggests a fix which I couldn’t have guessed in
a million years.

So are these frustrations part of the game we call linux? Do they build
character? Or do they provide further evidence of the stupidity of






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