Month: August 2003

  • Business Cards Using Flash

    PrintsMadeEasy, an online way to create your own business cards. You edit the design using a flash browser.

  • Plone Conference

    It’s official! I’ve signed up for the plone conference in New Orleans on October 15-17.

  • Deadly American Cars

    Lauran Neergaard writes an article about John Pucher’s research comparing suburban lifestyles in the US and Europe . Amazing data about the Suburban American’s habits: per trip, American pedestrians are roughly three times more likely to be killed by a passing car than are German pedestrians – and more than six times more likely than…

  • Power Point is Evil

    Edward Tufte’s diatribe against Power Point is justly famous. Today I found Ian Parker’s thoughtful look at Power Point and how it has changed business communication. He mentions a surprising bit of research from my favorite social psychologist, Robert Cialdini. (By the way, his book Influence is really amazing. All the cool people are reading…

  • Women in Spacesuits

    I remember that cockybastard said once that the best thing about the Net is being able to find others with your same fetish for stuffed animals. Well, here’s enough wierd obsession to entertain you: Women in Spacesuits, Divesuits or Scuba Gear.

  • Tech Writing Blogs?

    While searching the web for technical writer resources, I realized that there aren’t any big technical writing blogs. Maybe it’s because tech writers are more inclined to blog about video games or Asian art than their profession. Where do you go for blogging about technical writing? First there is elearningpost which is more about e-learning…

  • Presidential Lies

    Lately, I’ve been following Tapped, the wonderful liberal group weblog on the American Prospect website. Found the link to the Presidential Mendacity Index, a list of the most famous presidential lies (and a rather biased attempt to rate the level of each president’s lies). My favorite by Ronald Reagan: After opining in August 1980 that…

  • Are the 10 Commandments Universal?

    Rev. Barry Lynn says in a PBS Newshour debate about the Alabama judge who installed the granite statue of the 10 Commandments: the Constitution of the United States is not based on the Ten Commandments. At least four — in many versions five of the Ten Commandments are explicitly religious. They have got nothing to…

  • SCORM Best Practices

    I had looked at the draft, but here’s the final version. Carnegie Mellon’s SCORM Best Practices for Content Developers. Now if only LMS’s can incorporate them! Speaking of nifty PDF’s, I was astonished by the Citizen’s Guide to the Airwaves (PDF). I went ahead and bought this poster.

  • Stephen Downes and Kevin Cox

    Stephen Downes’ Weblog/Writing site is one of the best sources for ideas about education, technology and web standards. In Meaning, Use and Metadata, Downes speculates about how the Semantic Web debate echoes previous Wittgensteinian debates. He writes: In my view, the massive efforts underway to tag, to carefully sort, classify and describe, learning object metadata…

  • Diamond for Semiconductors

    Joshua Davis (not to be confused with the Joshua Davis) wrote a fascinating article about low-cost diamond manufacturing. He writes, “Diamond, it turns out, is a geek’s best friend. Not only is it the hardest substance known, it also has the highest thermal conductivity – tremendous heat can pass through it without causing damage. Today’s…

  • VHS to DVD Machines

    Walter Mossberg’s Columns on technology are great. In his latest, he talks about the DVD Movie Writer dc3000 which is a DVD creator, reader and VHS converter. All for $400.

  • Zaurus and PDA’s

    I’m in the market for a PDA in the next 6 months. For the time being, I’m just collecting information. has a lively discussion, and also the Zaurus Forum. I fell in love with a Zaurus 760, although it is veryexpensive and not even for sale in the U.S. Interestingly, last November IBM announced…

  • Life of a Freelance Writer

    Here’s a fairly realistic description of life as a freelance writer by Sarah Hepola. Speaking of freelance writers, Austin film/video critic Belinda Acosta is one of my favorites.

  • Saddam Kitsch

    A Photoshop withSaddam Contest left me in stitches. Other Funny Comics. Called The Pain.

  • Server Up!

    Ok, people, my webserver has been out for an entire week. What a pain. It all started with a KVM switch not working and my being unable to use my mouse on the linux web server. I don’t actually run kde on my server, only the lowend fluxbox, but for a day or so, the…