Tech Writing Blogs?

While searching the web for technical writer resources, I realized that there aren’t any big technical writing blogs. Maybe it’s because tech writers are more inclined to blog about video games or Asian art than their profession. Where do you go for blogging about technical writing? First there is elearningpost which is more about e-learning than tech writing per se, but writing issues come up often. Also, Boxes and Arrows cover information architecture and interface design, which often relates to technical writing. So far, the best tech writing weblog is Jenny L. Berger’s CreativeTechWriter weblog and webword. For humor, you can read Lies that are Told to Technical Writers (somewhat reminiscient of a Dilbert column I read once) and Klingon Technical Writers. Also, Michael Knowles does a terrific weekly newsletter about technical writing issues, and his website contains archives of his articles.






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  1. Jenny Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the linkage! While I’d tend to agree there isn’t a whole lot, blogwise, on tech writing itself, there are several good blogs out there written by tech writers. I’ve linked to some of them on my blog, but you can also use Feedster (an RSS search tool) to find them.

  2. Fred Sampson Avatar

    Well, there are blogs about technical writing, and blogs by technical writers, and very few of either. I tend more toward the blogging tech writer lately, with few posts strictly on TW and more on HCI, bowling, and politics. No matter, drop on by and check the linkage.

  3. Darren Avatar

    May I humbly present my own blog: Of particular interest to tech writers it the Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness at

  4. Geoff Sauer Avatar

    You might look at the EServer TC Library’s directory of technical writing blogs at . It lists dozens of them.

  5. Heather Leigh Avatar

    Thanks for the great links! These have been very helpful. I would humbly like to add my site too…

  6. Craig Haiss Avatar

    If I may, I’d like to offer up Technical Writing Q&A. All posts are about the technical writing profession, including tool tips, theory, career advice, and moral support. Enjoy!

  7. Susan Avatar

    You posted this back in 2003, probably when there weren’t that many technical writing blogs out there. Since have changed since! Tom Johnson at I’d Rather Be Writing compiled a whole directory of technical writing blogs. I also have a technical writing blog too.

  8. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Thanks. Great resource!

  9. Adrienne Avatar

    Hey, great list. I didn’t even know there were that many! Here are two more for your list: I’d Rather be Writing and my new blog called On the Write Road.

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