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Zope, Python, Torrent, Zen

I’ve been meaning to get back into zope again. I’ve spent the last week or two working on essays and stories. And helping my parents move (ugh!).

Bruce Eckel on Python and the Programmer and Zen of Python.

Zope Newbiesfinally has zope chitchat which I can understand. Links to Jon Udell’s zope tips and a look at zope beta 2.7.

Steven Figgins on how bittorrent works. Here’s a slashdot interview with Bram Cohen. Truthfully, although the idea sounds great, the clients sound hard to install. Here’s a Windows client that isn’t painful to use.

Another good thing about bittorrent is that you can judge the “legality” of the torrent by looking at the website. A website hosting a torrent is ultimately responsible for illegal download. Well, of course, a recipient without redistribution rights could serve a bit torrent stream. Even though PTC’s interface is primitive at best, it suggests the possibility of integrating an epayment system into the client itself. I’m not sure it would be good at processing DRM license transactions, but that’s not really the point. I mentioned before a company that streams their entire musical catalog through bittorrent. Based on the free mp3’s I’ve been downloading from irate radio (see below), I may be streaming my own bit torrents on my web server soon. PS, if you want to hear an incredible free song, 2 Dollar Shoes (MP3) by Rosie Thomas

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