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Article on Kuro5hin

Here’s my Interview with Creator of iRATE Radio Anthony Jones. BTW, it’s my first article to be published on Kuro5hin. I saw Rusty at SXSW 2002 and never really got what kuro5hin was about. But the site has an elaborate workflow mechanism by which readers can proofread and even vote on articles. It is ingenious and results in higher quality articles than Slashdot, for example. On the other hand, it results in substantially less content on the site and not as much commentary after the article is actually run. Kuro5hin’s website performance is not that good, due (no doubt) due to bandwidth costs and the inability to attract advertising. But as an idea it works quite well.

Great explication of Brimful of Asha song by Cornership. That is one of my favorites.

Just for the record, my Sharethemusicdaysite is up. It is basically a long essay talking about why music sharing is essential to music, why a voluntary compensation system might work and why the media is to blame for manipulating our musical tastes.

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