Month: October 2003

  • Dreamweaver on Linux!

    According to a slashdot posting, Crossover Office has made Dreamweaver and Flash work in Linux. On a side note, let me mention that I have two machines at home, a linux server and a dual boot which inevitably stays in Windows. Dreamweaver was a big reason for this (as was time–I haven’t gotten around to…

  • Stealing from Lars

    The aforementioned weblog by Lars Trieloff is full of lots of goodies: aXML Editor with a gentoo ebuild. Thoughts on convergence between TEI and Docbook . Here’s an introductory article by David Mertz on TEI and XML Mertz’s article links to a list of TEI tools (including xsl transforms) and an online form for creating…

  • Docbook and Weblogs

    Some quick things about documentation. Lars Trieloff has an excellent docbook weblog along with helpful categories of xml for documentation. Also, he is involved with DocMan, a docbook toolchain manager that allows export into various formats from docbook. Also, a thought-provoking article by Jenny of CreativeTechWriter about the whether STC (the professional group of tech…

  • Necessary Zope Stuff

    Directory Storage, a Zope storage solution. A Weekly Zope newsletter. A SiteMap tab for plone.

  • Austin is a beautiful mistress…

    Here’s an essay I wrote about why living in Austin sucks. My first line: Austin is a beautiful mistress who laughs in your face when you run out of money.

  • Zaurus 6000 Prototype

    The hard part about buying new gadgets is trying to settle on when to actually buy something. While I’ve been pining for a Zaurus 760, here I find that Zaurus has a new prototype for Jan 2004 release

  • Rape and No

    Greg Easterbrook writes about Rape and Saying “No”: There has to be a better way than the word “no” to communicate to the man that he has crossed the line, and that better way must be widely agreed upon. Here’s my proposal: If the line is crossed, women should say, “This is rape!”

  • Political Spin Site

    PR Watch delivers Spin of the Day (found thanks to Laura Trippi).

  • Creative Commons and Slashdotting

    Matt Haughey wonders about how Slashdotting relates to sharing of Creative Commons content. We talk about this at South by Southwest . Obviously as a courtesy, the reposter should make the original site owner aware of possible slashdotting, but there are liability issues involved here. What if a mention on results not only in…

  • Fat Is Not Deadly

    Good article by Sandy Szwarc about the fast food myth: According to Paul Ernsberger, Ph.D., associate professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, “most people eating fast food are thin… Marketing studies show that the typical frequent fast food buyer is a young single male, a relatively thin demographic group.…

  • Burn It: A Music Sharing Event

    Kymberlie Renee McGuire of Neuroticfishbowl is organizing a Music Swapping Event . Hurry up?the deadline is October 30 to sign up! (Duplicate on my sharethemusic weblog).

  • CSS List Tutorials

    Great CSS Tutorials by Max Design. Accessify Wizards for Creating Accessible Tables and Lists. Quite a few, including Escape HTML Wizard, Listamatic, and even a Dreamweaver Listamatic extension.

  • User Friendly Heatsinks

    Longish article by Anand Lal Shimpi about AMD processors and how they solved the problem of installing the heatsink safely.

  • Tightrope Walker at the World Trade Center

    My mother had mentioned this story, but I didn’t believe it. Philippe Petit set up a tightrope between the two World Trade Center towers and walked between them! The story is here and here. He walked from 400 meters high.

  • Best XML Editors (More)

    Kendall Clark Grant wrote an article about XML Editors. My company is preparing to roll out a CMS using XMetal, I’ve played with Morphon a bit, and I saw a demo of Xopus at the plone conference. Simon St. Laurent recommends Topologi, which also looks good (and cheap). On the same page a link to…

  • Oxygen–a new XML Editor

    One plan after my camping trip is to immerse myself in Docbook and other documents (and set up plone). Saw an xml demo using Oxygenxml. Does xslt and introspection. Using XML Editor with Eclipse. Also XML Buddy Plugin. Also Python plugins for eclipse.