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Biofack of Raspil Iverson

Raspil Iverson wrote a amazing biographical timeline of her life, which includes (among other things) a history of tattoos, her off-and-on-history with addictive substances and death of her automobiles. She is unsparing with the details:

November 1996: Becoming tired of plastic surgery. Heard an ad for bartending school on the radio and signed up. Met Devon. Introduced to drugs. Hello, drugs! Where have you been all my life? See Soundgarden for the third and final time. Maternal grandfather dies.

She has some amazing rants: Marriage is for Suckers, Fuck Censorship, You’re Going to Die Get Over It. Also, a fiction page, with lots of monologues and dialogues (I only skimmed them, but will come back later). Her writing is uninhibited, energetic, provocative, unsparing and overflowing with emotion (be it enthusiasm, rage, cynicism, irony). Oh, Raspil, face it; you were born in the wrong time and place. Texas 2003 is wrong for you; find a time machine and zap yourself to a beat cafe or some hippie hangout or Paris in the glorious 20’s.

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