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Suicidal Blogging

Two bloggers write about suicide attempts: Everydaystranger and I don’t think. Writing about such events is therapeutic and could possibly help others and help people to reach out to you. But it’s so wierd. And so private. It reminds us about why blogging is so important and healthy and soul-sustaining.

(BTW Both bloggers are interesting people who are free with their emotions and personal lives. Everydaystranger has written about her boyfriends, her obsessions (i.e., sex) and her manias. I’ve read the whole thing, and think, gosh, she would be so great to talk to. Sometimes you don’t talk; you merely read and make the occasional comment. A few years ago I was following the blog of a few teenage girls and was genuinely interested in the details of their lives. It was like a soap opera, only it was real and scary and also fun. Looking at blogs allow you to travel through time with that person, to see the person grow and mature and undergo crises and triumphs. In many ways, you become more emotionally connected to these kinds of people than people in your actual life. I suppose this is good. Isn’t it? )

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