Month: December 2003

  • Paradox of Choice

    Another great Paul Solman piece on Paradox of Choice. He profiles Barry Schwartz, author of the forthcoming book.

  • Literary Samplings

    Delightful Poem called My Agent Says by R.S. Gwynn . Broadcast on the Writersalmanac radio program. Outstanding interview with John Updike on PBS Newshour. Updike discusses his famous store A & P. Two great quotes: “Once you begin a gesture, it’s fatal not to go through with it.” And the final line: “His face was…

  • FreeCache and OpenAudio Project

    Freecache is a caching network tool for a content distribution network. It is used to serve content on the Openarchive site.

  • Support Our Troops

    Michael Moore on the Support Our Troops line: Remember back in March, once the war had started, how risky it was to make any anti-war comments to people you knew at work or school or, um, at awards ceremonies? One thing was for sure; if you said anything against the war, you had better follow…

  • Mad Cow Testing

    I’m not the type to grow paranoid (and thought the European madcow disease to be quite overblown), but this factoid from John Stauber really hit me: The U.S. livestock industry desperately wants us to believe that Mad Cow disease can’t happen here, but that’s nonsense. With the disease now in Canada, it could be in…

  • International Silver Submarine Band

    I’ve been enjoying the Fakemusicians site consisting of fake TV music bands. I came across it while researching the Sacred Cows website, which was mentioned on the excellent Get Smart Fan Site. Barbara Feldon will be on my Fake Girlfriend list I am making.

  • Tom DeLay’s Antics

    Holy Cow! Tom Delay says some more stupid things. He and Quayle, DeLay explained to the assembled media in New Orleans, were victims of an unusual phenomenon back in the days of the undeclared Southeast Asian war. ‘So many minority youths had volunteered for the well-paying military positions to escape poverty and the ghetto that…

  • Block Referrer Spam!

    From Weblog Wannabe, I get cool tips about blocking referrer spam. Not that it’s a problem yet, although after I get webalizer up and running, I may worry about such things. Nice looking design.

  • Audio Recording and PDA’s

    While continuing my research on portable recording devices, I discovered that the iriver HP-120 limits recording to 790MB for WAV and 195 for MP3’s. That leads me to investigate other possibilities, including the very intriguing PDAudio. Basically, it’s a CF/PC card that attaches to your PDA device, along with audio recording software. The cool thing…

  • Bush in 30 Seconds

    I’ve been watching the 30 second entries in the Bush in 30 seconds political ad campaign. Brilliant! Funny! Caustic!

  • Soundchick and Microphones

    Soundchick explains microphones. ZZsounds is where you can buy them. ZZSounds includes customer reviews. PS, Soundchick is based in Houston. She sings with smythe and taylor and has free mp3’s available.

  • Portable Audio Recorders

    I’ve been shopping around for portable audio recorders. At Frayday 7 we used minidisc recorders, but I have yet to see the results. My main need is sufficient storage space for maybe 2 hours of dialogue, the ability to cue/review what you have said in order to know where to continue, a decent counter, decent…

  • Converting DVD’s to AVI

    Tools for DVD conversion. Gordian Knot video encoder and home page. Oh, I can’t wait until I get my computer DVD player/writer. Also Virtualdubmod, a multipurpose capture/encoder. Hmm, my ancient radeon vid card has a capture program I’ve never used. Perhaps another capture card if not too expensive? Hmmm, research….

  • Poets and Writers Die Sooner

    Daniel DeNoon reports research by James C. Kaufman that “Poets die sooner than playwrights. Playwrights die sooner than novelists. And novelists die sooner than nonfiction writers.” The article continues: “Some of the reasons why poets have [been] found to be more likely to suffer from mental illness … may also be applicable to why poets…

  • Help in Longhorn MS OS

    Lars Trieloff has a preview about MS Longhorn’s New Help Standard. Guess what– it’s written in MAML (Microsoft Assistance Markup Language).

  • Security and Apathy

    From Clay Shirky’s brilliant piece on how the RIAA is expediting the race to complete encryption: Even after the death of Clipper and the launch of PGP, the Government discovered that for the most part, users didn’t want to encrypt their communications. The most effective barrier to the spread of encryption has turned out to…