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Buying a DVD Writer

After reading a Slashdot forum on low cost DVD burners, I’m trying to decide between the Plextor PX-708UF and the AOpen DRW4410. The Plextor is is external USB 2.0/firewire and costs $200, while the AOPEN is IDE at $100, and not both + and – (forgot which). Of course, all this assumes that I install my PCI USB 2.0 card successfully on my machine. My neighbor at work thinks I should just ditch my machine and start from scratch. (I built my PC from scratch in November 2000. The specs: Athlon 1.1 Thunderbird processor, A7V Motherboard, Radeon 64MB VIVO, a (now nonfunctional) DVD player, 200 gigs of storage and 768 MB of SDRAM. I use it for dual booting (mainly in Windows), and I haven’t had much problems (though I wish I had a quieter and better fan). (This page is being served on a slightly more powerful box built from scratch (1.2 athlon, 1 gig RAM, RAID 5, gentoo). So, I cannot decide anything until I confirm that my USB 2.0 card works. More later.

Here’s a good DVD Writing and Burning Forum

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