Nametags for an Eternity

I heard someone talk about Hello My Name is Scott! at SXSW, but only now did I find his website. Well, we all have to have a shtick. Here are some numbers:

12 days when I forgot to put on my nametag until someone reminded me
22 girls who have asked if they could wear my nametag
4 times a day I am asked why I am wearing a nametag
3 times I have changed my nametag for a Halloween costume: Randy, Harry, Jerry






One response to “Nametags for an Eternity”

  1. Steph Avatar

    My boss just found out about my blog and now it has to be edited, and I have to make sure that nothing I say will offend him or make him judge me. So I can understand why some people would want to make their blog private. I hate that now I am not just writing for myself.

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