Portable Audio Recorders

I’ve been shopping around for portable audio recorders. At Frayday 7 we used minidisc recorders, but I have yet to see the results. My main need is sufficient storage space for maybe 2 hours of dialogue, the ability to cue/review what you have said in order to know where to continue, a decent counter, decent high fidelity and compatibility with microphones, raw WAV recording, preferably external storage which can be quickly replaced if you need more space.

So, far Iriver hp-120 seems to satisfy most of the criteria and seems to have the ability to export to WAV (the manual is here ). Here’s a debate about the iriver’s relative merits . (Another discussion is here on hydrogenaudio.com . Now I need a decent microphone. Or more precisely, I need to know what my microphone needs are and how to use it well. (BTW, the retail price for the Iriver HP-120 is $399, and it’s available for $350 on pricegrabber.com. This is probably going to be a must-buy after Christmas.






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