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Recoding Slashdot

I am missing coding. After reading Matt Mullenweg’s rant about stealing other people’s stylesheets, I came across a lovely piece by Daniel Frommelt on how to recode Slashdot using style sheets instead of those horrifying embedded tables. Here’s Part One and Part Two. Part Two contains some horrifying screenshots of what slashdot looks like on a PDA.

I am going to put up my zope/plone site over the holidays and plan to customize the default skins (which I hate).
Some New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Get a crappy plone site out by Jan 1.
  2. When I put out my audio novella in March, have it available in different ebook formats for download.
  3. Have a workable live plone site out by April (or before!)
  4. Redo my weblogs. a)upgrade this to the latest WordPress, fixing the stupid permalink problem and maybe make it more presentable
  5. Work on making legacy content easy to view in PDA’s and have print styles.

Some writing resolutions

  1. Do my December installments on my fiction site
  2. Finish the book review essay for slashdot (end of December)
  3. Finish the Ukraine travel essay (end of January)
  4. Finish the SXSW 2002 Essay (in a desk drawer for a year and a half!). By March.
  5. Get back on music reviews and share-the-music weblog
  6. Scan old writing and start putting it up (ongoing).

Technology resolutions

  1. Solve my RAID hardware problems and have a decent backup solution
  2. Customizing plone and creating content types
  3. Buying sound recording equipment, cell phone
  4. Buying digital camera and digital camcorder (ouch! expensive!)
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