Simple OCR

After successfully installing my USB 2.0 Canon scanner, I discovered that the included OCR really sucked. So I tried instead TOCR, a nonfree ($40) package that worked extremely well. The included OCR had almost everything (zones, spellchecker, etc), but it just gave lousy results. Now if only there was a linux/open-source version, I’d be happy. (Update: Here’s a link to linux OCR programs ).

PS, I ended up buying the cheaper AOPEN DVD writer. Even though the Pioneer was faster, supported DVD+ and DVD- and was more portable, it came with Roxio (ugh!), cost $100 more and didn’t have easy playback (one thing I needed for doing screen captures from commercial DVD’s.

I spent the morning trying to write a backup script. I like programming when I have the time for it. Shell scripting seems awfully lame though; vowing to do some python stuff.






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  1. robin Avatar

    Have you checked out ? It’s got some cool Linux stuff 🙂

  2. Biddy Avatar

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