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Iranian Bloggers

According to a Mark Glaser interview with imprisoned Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi , Iranian president recently bragged about the number of Persian weblogs, and Iran’s vice-president has a weblog .

In the meantime, I see that my own weblog is more than 2 years old, and that my youngish share the music weblog is 5 months old. The funny thing is that after June 2002, I pretty much don’t spend much time on my weblog. I just use it to jot down random thoughts about articles I’d read. (My share the music weblog was far more ambitious, and so was my dormant Asiafirst weblog (which I actually took great pains to write well for). Also, I manage two other weblogs on the side, and you see why I need a more robust content management system than what WordPress or Blogger can offer.

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