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Justin Hall and Darkness Falls

Justin Hall writes an amazing essay about this proto-sensory/sexual event in San Francisco, Darkness Falls. Caution: This article is not work safe.

But it was too much energy in the darkness – their sound made them a
large presence and I couldn’t approach that blindly. Instead, I made my
way around them. And I found a pair of hands met my hands, reaching out
for me. And I was immediately astounded! I couldn’t tell the age or
gender of the hand holder. I paused there, caressing and pulling gently
at the hands, enjoying the slightly rough feeling against my own skin.
The pure human anonymity of the gesture, grasping and holding hands – it
was inspiring without identity. Pure physical communication! And what was
it saying? “Feel this” and “come here.” The hands pulled me in, and I
found myself embraced by a warm formless body – sitting up against a
wall, copious flesh above poured over flesh beneath.

Justin Hall is a talented young writer who I met last month at South by Southwest. He’s a savvy programmer and has interesting ideas about gaming (I know his writing mainly through Gamegirladvance ). By the way, I was stunned that on this page (and even on his blog) he has a tastefully nude photo of himself. Kudos for his free spiritedness. But I won’t be posting nude pics of me on this blog anytime soon!

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