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Humor Writer Dan Burt of Captain Canard recently sent me a archive of Late Night Comedy Topical Jokes . I’ve been laughing my head off reading them. Hands down, Jay Leno has/pays the best writers. Joshua Green writes a nice piece in Atlantic about how Politicians Use Joke Writers. A telling quote:

“The biggest challenge in writing humor,” says Kenneth Baer, a former speechwriter for Gore, “is, everything that’s very funny, you can’t make a joke about. Scandals, sex, sleaze?it’s all off limits.” In the words of the Gridiron Club, which has hosted Presidents since Benjamin Harrison, humor should “singe but not burn.”For politicians to succeed, humor must also be carefully calibrated to humanize them, which means that it must almost always be self-deprecating. “Humor has to flow upward,” Jon Macks explains. “It’s okay to make fun of your boss, but if you’re the guy on top, it’s not okay to make jokes about people beneath you, because you look mean?which means your jokes have to come at your own expense.”

I found Captain Canard’s Third Grade Words and How I Explained them to My Son to be great fun. Samples:

“Troy plunged his hand into the public toilet to retrieve the mood ring.”amazement
“Much to the students’ amazement, the teacher came to class wearing clothes.”

Also, the Ultra Classics Guide to Condensed Books. I like the Fairwell to Arms condensation.

Ken Krimstein has a crazy humor piece about Actual Conversation Overheard Between a Man and His Prospective Eastern European Au Pair at the Market Cafe in the Basement of Grand Central Station Regarding Whether or Not Al Pacino was the Star of Life is Beautiful

Here’s a reason why Americans are so fat .(This comes from the delightful weblog ThisIsBroken weblog).

Steve Martin’s Script Notes on the Passion

Top 10 Rules of Bollywood Filmmaking and a hilarious Television Tropes Wiki. I laughed for an hour at the catalog of sitcom cliches.






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