Gore’s Litany

Gore’s speech calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation. The speech is too good to take excerpts from. Superficial thoughts:

  1. It is really exhausting to read all the instances of Bush’s stupidity/incompetence. A liberal is aware of all this stuff, but it’s frightening to take it all together in a single read.
  2. Gore’s military critique of Bush’s policies reflect the fact that Gore was one of the few Democratic hawks with a clear understanding of how the military works. That would have made him a great commander in chief.
  3. Gore always had a good sense of religious and moral issues as they relate to politics. They are reflected here. The problem with Gore is that his ideas were too subtle, not easy to grasp. Bush’s political philosophy is easy to understand and sympathize, especially if you don’t make a special effort to learn about divergent opinions. Interestingly, Gore’s eloquent condemnation of Bush’s politics reveal Gore as his most presidential than he ever seemed to be on the campaign trail.






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