2 Newsweek Covers

2 Newsweek covers
According to Greencine, Newsweek used two different covers: one for its American edition and the other for its international edition. Take a wild guess which cover was not used for its American Edition.

Gerald Peary is an excellent film critic that I only recently learned about. Read his essay about teachers in film:

However, when movies do the opposite, show you a teacher to emulate, someone above satire, I often balk. I’ve never admired Harvard Law professor Kingsfield (John Houseman) in The Paper Chase, whose tyrannical ways supposedly bring academic results. There’s no need to be such a haughty S.O.B. Even at Harvard. And what about the immortal Mr. Chipping (Oscar winner, Robert Donat), Hollywood’s beloved teacher of generation upon generation of English preps in Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)? Sorry, but he’s a servile, dottering old fool. And the worst: Robin Williams’s “seize the day” English teacher in Dead Poets Society (1989). He obnoxiously skampers up on his desk and begs to be loved, while mocking any student who doesn’t agree with his pronouncements. He’s the faux bohemian teacher who requires absolute conformity of opinion and worship from those in his class. The students fall in line with their leader, and the film fascistically endorses their subservience.






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