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Misty Beethoven is Now a Musical!

Misty Beethoven, Veronica Hart's musical
Ok, I guarantee you that this post is worksafe, but I have just found out that Veronica Hart and husband have remade Radley Metzger’s classic Opening of Misty Beethoven into a musical. Apparently HBO is going to do a behind-the-scenes show about the film, and I predict that someday a softcore version of it is going to appear on HBO as well. Here’s a great worksafe interview with the songwriting husband:

And I said,  ‘It’s kind of a little dance number, performed by a singing penis…’I think she said, ‘Oh, lord…’

‘No! It’s great!’ I continued. ‘It’s a sing-along! And when we come to the last chorus, the singing dick will say, ‘JUST FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALLS!’ And…’

‘No.’ She kind of planted her feet, as she said it. But I wouldn’t be deterred.

‘Seriously! The lyrics appear as subtitles, across the bottom of the screen. And then this little pair of testicles bounces over the words! You know, like a Betty Boop cartoon!’

And she just stared at me like I was crazy — not for the first time, I guarantee you — and said, ‘There’s just no fucking way that’s gonna happen.’

Misty Beethoven, the original
Fleshbot referred me to a video trailer you can download , which as you can guess is NOT WORKSAFE but really charming. Also, the production company has released the Penis Tango song as a promotional mp3 (this mp3 comes from an adult site, so this probably won’t make corporate firewalls). I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head all day.

I’ve long been an admirer of Radley Metzger’s adult films from the 1970’s and have written about them several times. (Find this great critical article about Radley Metzger’s film life here).


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  • sean robinson 1/20/2005, 12:29 pm

    right on

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