Teachout on Blogging

Terry Teachout writes some thoughts about blogging:

The whole point of a blog is that its author controls its content. That?s why no major newspaper will ever be successful at running in-house blogs: the editors won?t allow it. The smart ones will encourage their best writers to blog on their own time?and at their own risk. The dumb ones will refuse to let any of their writers blog, on or off the job….

For now, blogs presuppose the existence of the print media. That will probably always be the case?but over time, the print media will become increasingly less important to the blogosphere.

As for me, I’m eventually going to fade from blogging once I migrate my content to my new content management system.






2 responses to “Teachout on Blogging”

  1. ITIL Consultant Avatar

    Once you fade from blogging, what are you going to use after that? a standard forum or…..wat? :S


  2. Robert Nagle Avatar
    Robert Nagle

    Stay tuned! Blogging software just isn’t robust enough for the kinds of content I want to produce. I need a content management system to make it easy to create templates on the fly. That said, blogging software isn’t bad and is extensible (wordpress really rocks).

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