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When to Turn off the AC?

Umbra answers a Texan’s question about when should he turn off the AC? (also here)

You may further leverage nature if you have a layout (and weather) that permits a cross breeze. Open the incoming breeze window a little, and the outgoing window a lot. On the out window place an out-facing window fan, which will pull the air through the house. Even if you have only two windows, facing the same direction, you may get relief by opening both, placing an inward fan on one and an outward on the other. The feeling of air across your skin can make you feel comfortable even if the air itself is hot. Our standard summer comfort range is 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but we’ll be comfy at 82 degrees with the help of a light breeze.

Tom Tomorrow has been doing hilarious blogging about the Democratic National Convention.

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  • itil 7/30/2004, 4:12 am

    Apparently air conditioning has been related to numerous respritory problems? Something about them collecting alot of dust and just pumping it out into the air you breath- along wtih all the nice little beasties that live in the dust!

    (not to put you off air conditioning coz it is quite nice on occasion lol)
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