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A technical communication conference in Ireland next summer. Gosh, I was planning to go to Ireland next summer. Maybe I’ll be there. Wait, if I write a paper, maybe I can convince my boss to let me go.

The katie.com saga. Outrageous! The solution of course is for the original Katie to sell the domain name to a porn site. It may be poetic justice… In the real world, though, the best thing to do would be for both sides to submit to arbitration. Read the Slashdot forum on it. Interestingly, a lot of the outraged people are posting low ratings on the amazon.com reviews of KatieT’s book. I’m glad that people have the chance to do this, but how far can it be allowed to take? And when Penguin Publishers and the original Katie make some sort of deal, will amazon be a party to it? Will they voluntarily remove the negative reviews?

Yesterday I watched a DVD version of Schoolhouse Rock with a teacher friend and an 8 year old. I’ve bought three copies. Really great stuff. I’m thinking about writing a literary essay about the Schoolhouse Rock vids. Also, listening/reading to a Beverly Cleary book, Ramona and her Father on tape. I was planning to write an essay about that too. I am regressing.

Teleread posts something long about Willa Cather. What I liked about My Antonia is its universal appeal and the way it hearkened back to the vast American frontier.

Later this month I will be travelling to Chicago to meet a friend for the first time. She wants me to be an usher for a play on Saturday. Problem is: I need to find black dress pants. Help!

David Rothman also talks about why guys don’t read books. I love and read books, but the major selling point is this: chicks love reading; books can be chick magnets. Actually, I’m lying. If anything, guys like to read all this esoteric stuff and end up alienating any females he is trying to impress.

Bagpipes in cinema. Well, somebody has to do it. Here’s a project dedicated to unwritten books.

This weekend I’ll be learning Python and how to make templates in zope/plone. Over the weekend I tried out the kupu editor (see demo ). It’s really cool, and it will be in the content management system I’ll be putting out. Also, I tried out the Silva XML document management system, which looks cool, but doesn’t have any export capability (apparently). Now if only the Zope External Editor would work.

About the Baghdad prison scandal: one writer says, it’s nothing compared to primetime “Fear Factor TV.”

Maybe I’ve already mentioned my plans to produce 2 feature length videos over the next two years. It’s one of many projects, so lord only knows how long it will take to complete. But somebody should host a “I produced this film for under 20,000 dollars” film festival.

Tim Oreilly on the state of the computer book publishing industry. About the Oreilly emerging market conference, here are two blog notes by Oblomovka and ambiguous.

Once again, I’ll repeat: this weekend, I’ll be relaxing and recovering.

Robert Cialdini wrote one of the best books on social psychology I’ve heard of it. It changed my life, and it seemed to do the same for thousands of others. Here’s an interesting quiz he wrote about being influenced by people.

Dan Gillmore’s book free online as PDF.

Thinking about boingboing, isn’t it interesting how the guest/group blogger allows the publication to function essentially as an ezine (albeit no comments).

A blog about searching.

Oreilly python page. (Remember I’m learning)






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  1. eric casteleijn Avatar
    eric casteleijn

    Hi, just came across this when I did a technorati search for our site. Actually Silva *does* have export functionality. There is the docma server, which (through an intermediate step) exports to pdf, and even MS-Word. There’s also an xml-export function, that can be used to import back into another instance of silva, or as the basis for an xslt-transformation to arbitrary other formats. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me!

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar
    Robert Nagle

    Thanks. The website gave the impression that Docma only did export to MS Word. This is useful information.

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