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Unreal Problems

Wonderful interview by Wojciech Orlinski with Stanislaw Lem:

Internet nor World Wide Web do not amuse me. I don’t think, in general, that one should be too well informed. When you have a satellite TV-dish on your roof, you can soon conclude, that nothing happens world wide, except rape and murder. It’s some kind of escalation. Some time ago crime was modest – take Al Capone and his mere two dozens of victims. Now we have the “Independence Day” movie, where alien spaceships murder almost the entire mankind. Some American producer claims now, that his next picture will be even stronger. But what can be stronger? To murder an entire biosphere? This is so disgusting for me, that I decided to leave the street-car of science fiction on a stop of essay writing. Now one of satellite channels plays the incredible stupid series of “Star Trek Enterprise”. I can’t understand it – isn’t there enough real problems in this world, do we have to imagine unreal?

Wojciech Orlinski is a Polish journalist who has also interviewed Peter Greenaway.

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