Month: December 2004

  • Hilarious Comment

    Quoted in Full from of David Tod Roy’s translation of Plum in the Golden Vase. David Roy has deceived us; he is not going to finish it., June 10, 1998 Reviewer: “jfw” (Door County WI) – This will be more of a commentary than a review, and a sad commentary at that. Arthur Waley…

  • A Privilege, a Blessing

    From an amazing interview with Susan Sontag by Evans Chan Maryna sat down and looked into the mirror. Surely she was weeping because she was so happy–unless a happy life is impossible, and the highest a human being can attain is a heroic life. Happiness comes in many forms; to have lived for art is…

  • The Many Choices of George Bailey

    Reprint of my blogcritics article, Many Choices of George Bailey. Press more to read the entirety of the article.

  • Recipe Weblogs

    I haven’t surfed much for this, but here’s a person who’s recipe-blogging. Also flickr has a group for recipe/photo combinations. Although I don’t check it often, this recipe newsgroup via googlegroups has cool stuff. As an aside, I just have to say that google really messed up google groups. Before the interface was elegant and…

  • Esposito: Too Many Books?

    Scott Esposito on how to know when you have too many books: You gleefully post pictures of your unread books on the internet There are stacks of books in your bathroom You stacked them there “temporarily” six months ago Books have replaced everyday objects in your house. There’s more there (and also great comments). Esposito…

  • Book Review Runs on Slashdot

    Here’s my book review of two plone books.

  • No Hugging, No Learning

    Matthew Continetti writes about Seinfeld: There was a rule on Seinfeld: “No hugging, no learning.” It was one of the few rules the show’s writers obeyed religiously.

  • CMS’s vs. Blogs

    Jeffrey Veen on shortcomings in content management systems: Why do you insist Web sites have ?columns?? I?ve used quite a few systems now that have the notion of a three-column layout. They give me the ability to turn columns off and on, and put ?portlets? into ?content-slots.? Where does this assumption come from? In the…

  • Other Book Reviews to Compare

    Last week I submitted a review of Andy McKay’s plone book which will run in slashdot in a few days. In the meantime, here’s some other reviews by Samuel Sotillo and Nilayan Sharma.

  • PC Security Recommendations

    Bruce Schnier’s PC Security recommendations.

  • Back to the Beatles

    After listening to some wacky Christmas recordings by the Beatles (I recommend 1968), I’ve spent the afternoon surfing through Beatles essays and remembering and realizing how little I really know about a band was fanatical about in my childhood. Here are two somewhat contradictory accounts of why the Beatles broke up here and here and…

  • Move and Antagonizing Progressivism

    Alice Walker on the firebombing of the Move commune in Philadelphia: There we stood on a street corner in Paris, reading between the lines. It seems MOVE people never combed their hair, but wore it in long ‘ropes’ that people assumed were unclean. Since this is also how we wear out hair, we recognized this…

  • John Perry Barlow vs. TSI

    JP Barlow, Grateful Dead guy & libertarian web guru, is mad at TSI for pulling him off the plane. So am I. Here is a guide to handling the police.

  • The Real U.S. Economy

    Mr Sun has prepared I split a gut on this helpful chart detailing the US economy. Also, here’s a worst pundit hair contest. This weblog is worth browsing through. Found lots of great links such as car salesman slang (which actually I think I saw before but must have forgotten to blog about).

  • Benefits of Obscurantism

    Here’s a response I wrote about obscurantism in academica

  • Favorite Photos.

    Recently I’ve been uploading bunches of personal photos on flickr site. Lately, I’ve had a lot of fun browsing through flickr photos. Here’s a list of my favorites. Here are some of my favorites: here, here, here and here. By using flash they gave contributors the option to disable Save as. Oops, it looks like…