Esposito: Too Many Books?

Scott Esposito on how to know when you have too many books:

  • You gleefully post pictures of your unread books on the internet
  • There are stacks of books in your bathroom
  • You stacked them there “temporarily” six months ago
  • Books have replaced everyday objects in your house.

There’s more there (and also great comments).

Esposito had a nice essay about the book John Henry Days. He also has a nice top 10 list.

Lovely litbloggers’ forum discussion with Esposito, Maud, MoorishGirl, Dan Green, Moby and Mark Sarvas. They report daily web traffic running in the thousands. Gosh, that compares with my daily average of 20-30! These folks are all great literary people and write amazing stuff, but most of them are newbies, bloggie-wise. (I’ve been doing it actively since Dec 2000 and even earlier on a web diary).







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