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Is this a Boy or a Girl?

I am trying to figure out whether an Indian engineering manager is a boy or a girl. It is confusing. The first name is Anuradha and the last name is Krishnan. This sheds more light on the issue, but I have still not figured it out. Well, I think this settles it. It’s a girl! Now I’m sure Indians and Asians wonder the same question sometimes. For the sake of Indonesians reading this post, I am a hermaphrodite.

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  • Hannah 1/11/2005, 2:50 pm

    Heh. My name caused an Indian co-worker a great deal of trouble this year–what with “craig” being an acceptable american first name, but for men, not women. I was “Craig” for about two months before he said, “oh, that’s your last name, isn’t it?”

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