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Ebook Reference Guides

Here’s a link of ebook links (which I’ll be adding to over time).

Project Gutenberg How to’s
Distributed Proofreading project
PG Copyright Clearance Group
David’s In progress List , a list of what works are in the pipeline at Project Gutenberg.
Image Processing Guide
Abbey Finereader tips

New Ebook Announcement Sites
Blackmask new books
new releases from Upenn
Project Gutenberg Search page and Updates in Last 30 Days
Listing of Interesting Books between 1900-1920 (Award Winners, Etc)
Gutenburg Index as a text file .


OEBPS and Openreader:

XHTML 2.0 spec
CSS Links I’m gathering

Readers Forum
Mobile Read


List of ebook devices (with lots of links to converters), and a lengthy review of ebookwise 1150

Teleread, David Rothman’s blog, advocating ebooks and open technology and
Lars Trieloff’s Software Documentation Weblog

Mailing Lists
Ebook community mailing list, the definitive mailing list for ebook publishers and programmers

Public Domain/Creative Commons Stuff

My Guide to Public Domain Art
OurMedia , a community portal for creative commons content .
creative commons weblog
Guide to public domain v. copyright (Another flowchart here).
Fair Use page on Ourmedia

Texas Resources (a personal project)
J. Frank Dobie’s Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest and Mike Cox’s Texana book reviews.

Commercial ebooks