Month: March 2005

  • At SXSW–again!

    I’ve been very busy this week, and this weekend I’ll be at south by southwest interactive conference in Austin. I might be blogging from there–who knows?

  • Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Desperate Blogger

    Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Death Row Dubya. Also other stories

  • Bruce Sterling’s Parties

    Sci fi Writer Bruce Sterling on the geek party he hosts at sxsw in Austin. I’ve attended sxsw for the last 4 years and have been to his party 4 times. Sterling is a hilarious guy, and recently I’ve been reading stories found in Schismatrix Plus. These stories have been great, clever and funny. According…

  • Ebook Reference Guides

    Here’s a link of ebook links (which I’ll be adding to over time).

  • Podcasts and Letters from America

    Cam Barrett debunks podcasting “I’m not going to download a file to my MP3 player just to listen to a blogger talk to himself.” Let’s not forget the granddaddy of all audiobloggers, Allister Cooke (who died last year). His Letter from America, streamed through Real Media, are timeless and delightful. (here are some vintage broadcasts).

  • Female Arab Authors: Sexy and Nonsexy

    Moorishgirl lists female Arab authors who have written explicitly about sex. Thanks, I bookmarked a lot of books and did a lot of browsing as a result of this post. (Such as Diana Abu-Jabar’s book Crescent, which seems to have gotten good buzz. Hmm, I wonder if Moorishgirl or Maud haven’t already covered this woman’s…

  • Docbook XSL Book

    Curiously, I have no idea where I never linked to the online version of the Docbook XSL book by Bob Stayton. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before I buy the paper version

  • Pete Croatto trashes Superbabies

    From a hilariously cruel review of Superbabies by Pete Croatto: Voight and the film?s other two notable stars, Scott Baio and Vanessa Angel (Kingpin), are the only adult leads in this movie. The majority of the cast features four babies, pals at a day care center run by Baio and Angel, who can actually communicate…

  • Video Equipment, Technology, Linux & Documentary Links

    I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll be working on a film documentary this summer. I’ll be providing details over time. Here are some links I’ve been accumulating. I’ll be periodically updating this. BTW, if any surfers have good video links to suggest, feel free (though nothing about via$$a, te##as h##dem or…

  • Ebooks, Etc.

    Here’s a web-only version of Cather’s “My Antonia.” by openbook Jon Noring. Noring started with a TEI/TEI-Lite document and outputted it as xhtml. From looking at the source, you can see that print pages and individual paragraphs are given id’s for hyperlinks. Here’s an anti-piracy strategy for sci fi authors: release defective versions in the…

  • SXSW Music Weblog

    See You in the Pit, a sxsw music weblog.

  • Single Purpose Device or Versatile Devices?

    How Podsites work. We all know that ipods offer limited text support, but it’s a little crazy to think that people would design text sites for it. This is a case where a workaround reveals an unmet need. It would be far easier to put this on a PDA or ebook reader. On another note,…

  • Happy Birthday Screw You

    Happy Birthday Screw You. BTW, this book by Kembrew McLeod talks about the overenforcement of ownership rights over creative content. As I mentioned before, Time Warner has already sent me a cease-and-desist letter about a fiction project I was working on. I was writing a sequel to a filmed story, and I wanted permission to…