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Pete Croatto trashes Superbabies

From a hilariously cruel review of Superbabies by Pete Croatto:

Voight and the film?s other two notable stars, Scott Baio and Vanessa Angel (Kingpin), are the only adult leads in this movie. The majority of the cast features four babies, pals at a day care center run by Baio and Angel, who can actually communicate with each other and perform adult tasks better than most filmcritic.com staff members. Voight, fashioning a ridiculous German accent, plays a TV mogul who wants to control children?s thoughts through his new television station. The babies meet up with a legendary super kid (named, for no real reason, Kahuna) to stop Voight, who is Kahuna?s longtime enemy.

Just so you know, the proceeding paragraph is the actual plot.

Found from a boingboing link on how the Malaysian pirated dvd actually contains a negative review on the cover.

Note for readers: you can generally assume that I read everything on slashdot, boingboing, maudnewton, conversationalreading, blogdex, readingexperience, greencine, filmbrain, teleread, collisiondetection, hit&run and probably 10-20 other other cool blogs. Generally I don’t try to link to the articles mentioned by them because what is the point really? People in that subblogging world already know about these links and don’t need another blogger to pile on.

In general, the things I link to are either areas of complete ignorance for me or old archived things which haven’t gotten any attention in years (sometimes). The net result of this is that often my blogmentioning of a certain name on my blog brings it to the top of my search results (because, let’s face it, after a while, my blog has linked to every English language site under the sun).

Amusingly, an Austin filmmaker who did a short for creative commons last year, when you google his name, brings my weblog up as number one search result. Justin Cone, are you there? Hurry up and do something famous so people looking you up don’t have to read my blather.