Video Odds and Ends

ANT a Video RSS Feed viewer for downloading and watching videoblogs.

, a daily entertaining video blog starring Amanda Cogdon. Here’s 2 recent vids: one on Austin, another on Fake Interviews. (BTW, Amanda told a story at fray cafe after I did).

Nokia videoblog, a PC-based application for syncing and organizing your multimedia content and then uploading your content to your weblog. The cool thing about it is that you’re not really paying for premium services from your phone. So far, it seems that typepad only supports it, but that could change.

Vlogit, a cool non-linear video editor geared towards matching video with text. Windows only, released in April.

Gray video, remix video of Gray Mouse.

Ruben Fleischer’s artistic videos: here’s his MIA video and general videos. More on Maya Arulpragasam (aka MIA)

Transfatty does some great videos too (which I saw demoed at sxsw).

HD For Indies: a HD video weblog