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Flipsy, the Terrific Amazon Reviewer

Just recently I glanced over the Amazon comments by an Amazon reviewer named flipsy, an English professor with wonderfully eclectic tastes.

She alerted me to this amazing effort by New York Review of Books to reprint classics. There is amazing stuff here, almost all of it good.

I stopped writing reviews for Amazon quite a while ago, although my wishlist rivals any on the net (868 things on it so far). It’s not the same thing, but here’s my constantly updated reading list.

Update: I just learned an interesting fact; putting someone in the amazon friend category notifies the friend about what has happened. So apparently flipsy has marked me a “friend” though it is impossible to contact her. (Here’s another fave reviewer, who has a distinctly medeival/Asian bent: M. J. Smith). Attention all you literary people, feel free to add me to your Friends list, and I’ll reciprocate. (Privacy be damned!)