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Houston Copyfight Night

Looks like I may be hosting copyfight night in Houston this Tuesday. (More specifics here) If anyone wants to RSVP, leave a comment below or send me an email. erostratus2004-comments at yahoo. com Click to read more.

The first meeting in the Houston area will be Tuesday April 27 between 7:00-9:00 (more or less). It will be at the stagshead pub . Here’s a map. It’s near Richmond between Shepherd and Greenbriar. 2128 Portsmouth Houston TX (713) 533-1199. More information: contact Robert Nagle ( ). Here’s my email erostratus2004-comments at yahoo. com if you want more information.

I’m a blogger/web geek and copyright reform zealot who is in the middle of launching a Creative Commons literary/artistic site. Come to chat with other like-minded people, to share your viewpoints and ideas. This meeting is Tuesday, April 26, in coordination with “World Intellectual Property Day 2005.” Apparently the place has wireless access. Feel free to bring laptops, mp3 players or mix CD’s to share your content with other folks. Also, if you want, bring your latest beef about copyright and the current state of intellectual property in the USA.

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