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Tips for Computer Authors & Noncomputer Authors

Ryan Cox on Tips for Authors of Computer Books.

Added Golden Rule Jones(Chicago blogger Sam Jones) to my bloglist.

Interesting literary roundtables (online book discussions). These things are kind of voyeuristic, but still fun to read. I’ve learned some things about genres (” Does Chick Lit have to be funny to work? Explain.)” and got some recommendations for titles, and some helpful thoughts (such as this by Andre Dubus):

Andre Dubus III: Don’t outline your stories. DO NOT outline your stories. I know some writers do this, but I think the writing process asks us to surrender to the mysteries of the unknown. Nowhere in our culture is this taught. You have to trust your gut, trust your characters to take a story where it’s going to go; and, more often than not, it does that. That’s my two cents.

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