Christian Reedits of Films?

Filmbrain discusses Bush’s law to allow altering of films by DVD companies without the studio’s permission. More discussion of the bill here (also slashdot, boingboing, etc).

As obnoxious as this Christian reediting seems to purists, I say more power to the fundamentalists for figuring out how to reedit works. Wouldn’t it be great if a DVD player could play the movies according to a “reedited formula” (perhaps input through a floppy disk or a web connection). Of course, it boils down to whether hardware manufacturers or the reediting services are actually making money from these circumvention techniques. I say more power to them.

However, the consumer has already bought the movie, so what’s the problem? The copyright owner is getting paid, and as long as the consumer can show proof of having purchased the content legally through the copyright owner, is there really any problem?