Star Trek Movie Treatment Template

From Star Trek: Failed Enterprise by Haasim Mahanaim .

____ has a doomsday device that he will use to conquer or endanger ____ and it’s up to Picard and his crew to stop him. The movie ends with a climatic final fight where the captain kills ____ and then blows up the machine.

Enterprise ended last week with two mediocre episodes. I’m more upbeat about the ST franchise and all the series. I think I’ve seen just about every episode, and my favorite is “Voyager” and especially the Emergency Medical Technician. (Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency!) and Naomi Wildman (and excellent foil to the perennially morose 7 of 9).

I could probably make a list of favorite episodes. I’ll describe a few: where a Doppelganger Voyager is created and quickly deteriorates. Where the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) teaches 7 of 9 to sing or exhibit good manners (It is always painfully hilarious to watch 7 of 9 trying to be sociable). Where the EMT’s head explodes upon facing a medical ethical dilemma. Where Riker performs a play about being in an insane asylum. Where Beverly Crusher notices people mysteriously disappearing aboard the ship until she realizes that in fact she is the one who has disappeared, not the crew. Where an alien ship invites an Enterprise member on the holodeck only to find that the crew member has accidentally been impregnated. I love when they go into the holodeck and especially when they are trapped in them. Isn’t it about time the crew figured out that those things are dangerous! I always loved the pilot episode, The Menagerie about beings who create cages of illusion for alien visitors. It was profound, beautiful, and thoughtful.

And the time travel episodes. Oh, I can’t live without them. As Janeway once said, “Oh, I hate all those time-travel things; they are so confusing!” Enterprise threw out a few time travel episodes, which were fine, but Voyager did it most amusingly. In one episode, a time-fixer goes back in time to fix anomalies (only to make the problem worse). In another, Tess keeps jumping back in time without understanding why. In a New Generation Episode, they visit Mark Twain’s time and end up bringing him into the Enterprise. I’ll grant that sci fi novels have probably treated much of these themes more intelligently. But Star Trek was always fun and occasionally insightful and memorable. And with any creative franchise, you can pick 10 or 20 of the best episodes, repackage them and let future critics be astounded at how well-produced they were. Even campy episodes (like Trouble with Tribbles) end up enduring longer than would have ever been thought possible.







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  1. Ice Crusher Avatar

    At a time mine also was the same favorite – “Voyager” but with time my likes and dislike vanish with Enterprise work. The thing remain changing with all new episodes. I special thanks you for making me remember of thous episodes which at time make me to go ahead. Its really fact – ‘campy episodes (like Trouble with Tribbles) end up enduring longer ‘

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