CSS BASED Forms & Nvu

css-based forms (Jeff Howden)

From Teleread, we have Nvu a cross-platform Mozilla-based CSS Editor. As an aside, I’ll say that I’ve seen decent XML Editors and decent CSS Editors, but not one that can do both. I use Oxygen XML Editor and WestCiv’s Style Master. For Python, I’ve using Eclipse and the Pydev plugin. And while I’m at it, I use NoteTabLight (a free version of NoteTab) as my main editor. I do about 75% of my work with this editoer instead of OpenOffice. Actually I do a lot of work within my weblog software or fastmailbox.net web interface. Then, right before pressing Submit, I select all (ctrl A), copy (Ctrl C) and then press Submit. That way, if the website fails, I still retain the text in memory. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been burned by websites that fail.