Don’t Cripple My Posts!

Can I bitch about wordpress for a moment?

I have no time to invest in customizing my weblog for a moment (although I have plans to spend a weekend doing precisely that in the near future).

But I just want to bitch for a moment about the default upgrade for 1.5 (not the most recent).

First, a new default style sheet, which isn’t awful. And some better navigation guides. But the new template just did 2 things which are absolutely stupid:

  1. Removed the blogroll from the archive page. WTF? It probably never occurred that the most frequent reader of weblogs is the weblogger himself trying to find an old link. I am frequently on archive or category pages and want to surf from there.
  2. On the archive page, the default install only includes an excerpt of the post and deactivates all hyperlinks. That, I have to say, is the most idiotic, ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. The solution exists and is rather easy to implement, but a lot of busy people never get around to it.

I’m guessing that as many as 50% of wordpress webloggers just use the default settings and templates. It’s ok to make the defaults safe and conservative. But there’s a difference between making the defaults conservative and abbreviating/crippling posts.



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