In Awe of Eclipse

While playing around in the afterhours at work, I downloaded the latest version of Eclipse and the python plugin Pydev. I know a little bit of python, but hadn’t worked in Python in a while. I think I’d used Eclipse before for xml editing, and found it next to impossible to set up my development environment. Setting Up Pydev wasn’t bad; at least their FAQ was self-explanatory. The product is maintained by Fabio Zadrozny in Brazil.

My company uses eclipse at work, and although I have not personally worked on the project, I’m sure eclipse is becoming a mature product these days, and user interface has improved considerably. As it happens, when installing the eclipse help system didn’t launch, which is probably for the best because too much documentation can sometimes confuse one irrevocably (especially if a lot of it covers Java, something I absolutely don’t need). Also, Eclipse is becoming more intuitive (or maybe my experience with other full-featured IDE’s helps me to make sense of this one).

I can’t wait to get back into the python/plone thing. I am so out of it.

Andy McKay has talked about the need for a plone interactive prompt and hints that an open-source product version will be available soon.

On another note Philipp von Weitershausen has written a book about Zope 3. Often, with open-source projects, the most important thing to know about a book is its publication date (everything seems to be a moving target).

Looking at, there are new products for ATAudio, S5 Presentations and plans for the 2.1 release of plone.



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