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Jon Katz: Loving Him and Hating Him

From Julia Lipman’s interview with Jon Katz (writer for slashdot).

“Katz comes blazing in without any understanding of … shared references, and makes statements which people find embarrassingly naive. [It’s] like you were discussing the finer points of characterization in Romeo and Juliet in the bar and Katz would come over and say ‘Don’t you think their suicides were so tragic?'” writes poster Eddie Edwards in an e-mail.

I’ve actually had a private dialogue with another geek about Jon Katz. I was a big fan of his stuff, although it probably didn’t belong on slashdot. But really what belongs anywhere? I once submitted an artistic manifesto to kuro5hin.org which was rejected faster than any other story I know of. Heck, it’s worth a shot.