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We love you, Tom! Keep Yapping!

I’m jumping around a lot today. Here are two things that have struck me:

Description of the largest bat colony in the world in Austin, Texas

CNN and NBC announce a merger

Jeanne d’Arc on a shameful beating up of a US soldier in Gitmo and DOD’s refusal to acknowledge it or pay reparations.

“Far from saving future generations from the scourge of war, the United Nations’ history of hand-wringing, appeasement, and moral equivalence has exacerbated the scourge of war,” said House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay. “Far from promoting justice and respect for international law, the United Nations has become one of the world’s greatest apologists for tyranny and terror. The U.N.’s corruption is so breathtaking in its scope as to be almost universal.”

I’m so glad that Tom Delay is lecturing world bodies about respect for law and corruption and how to avoid wars. Thanks, Tom! We love you! Keep yapping!

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