Dumb & Smart Critiques of Creative Commons

Joe Gratz rebuts one technology columnist’s misconceptions on Creative Commons.

This is an excellent response to a particularly dumb article, but there are valid criticisms to make about the creative commons licenses. Here are some criticisms I made a few months ago. Fortunately, I see that Creative Commons seems to be updating their licenses to address such concerns.

However, a battleground is emerging in the Noncommercial licenses. Post-grokster, I believe content and distribution sites are all going to go noncommercial (to take advantage of more liberal distribution rights of CC noncommercial works). This term needs to be more clearly defined.

As for me and Mr. Dvorak, copyright is irrelevant to me and offers almost no useful protection. I plan to elaborate on that further.

Here’s an amazingly helpful site about fair use and parody of artistic works.

UT has compiled a good guide to clearing multimedia works. Intended originally for University of Texas students, most of the guidelines have general application. For education-specific issues, see its special page about copyright, fair use and clearance in academia