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Good Audio for Video Production

Found links on audio/video:

Multimedia tutorials. Basic stuff on lighting, mounting microphones, making a dolly.

To be honest, I’ve been bookmarking a lot on google groups about mikes and audio. See this newsgroup. Also, thankfully, most bulletin board applications include ways to bookmark threads (AFT!).

Jay Rose on getting the best sound (scroll down a bit). Jay Rose writes audio columns for dv.com, and gosh, I just bought his book on audio production. Jay Rose’s insights are compiled on DVPLAY.com. Here are some tutorials (which I have yet to browse through). And here are his versions of all his DV.com columns(Thanks, Jay!).

Later: Heck, I just realized I could have bought it for new for practically the same as I paid for it used. And if I ordered the book through Rose’s website, that would have assured Mr. Rose of getting a decent commission. Looking at it another way, if we had decent ebook readers for reading technical books, Mr. Rose could sell these books off his website, not have to worry about the aftermarket bite and could probably offer it for significantly less than retailers.