Liveblog: Lori Watrous-deVersterre on LibraryCity

Library City Talk: (power point is here). A brief introduction to a library consulting project to help libraries access public domain and creative commons works:

Paradigm shift in banking: Banks used to be separate locations, and it seemed counterintuitive to put banks in supermarkets. “supermarkets is where you spend money, not get money…”

Similarly for books. Books are delivered just in time in nontraditional locations.

Change in Workflow from Text Only to Structured Text. Structured Text is a more complicated workflow, but allows better “translations” into different platforms and formats. That becomes useful to the special needs of clients (disabilities, etc).

Interesting personal story of a blind woman who was able to download over 700 public domain novels in a form she could interact with easily. The new freedom and power it gave to her was a very moving moment for her; she no longer felt encumbered by physical limitations

My questions: are libraries looking to checkout hardware to clients or simply to serve as portal?
(it depends).

Their product (a nonprofit) is accessed through local libraries.