Liveblogging David Rothman

Well, David Rothman made my job easy; he transcribed his talk already!

Evil Genius Chronicles, former DRM developer.

should play as a CD.

Librie display the best of the ebooks, but its interface/DRM is terrible.

Discussion of Mobipocket and its idiosyncracies. Totally incompatible for blind readers, and formats need to “leave no reader behind.”

Sidenote: during Rothman’s talk I received a call from a musician who was to give a talk about copyright. Oh, we had a delightful talk!

I made two points. I met an Albanian teacher (from my Peace Corps service) and showed off my ebookwise 1150 reader. He found it great, but thought it impractical in a place like Albania (with a low standard of living). However, the card could easily be copied in a copy reader. All the reader needs is a DVD/CD with content. Sneakerware still is practical in many contexts, and we don’t need to ignore that. Unlike a library, a teacher or a school is less wedded to the format compatibility wars. They just want something that works.

My iriver H340 made me aware of one issue: having transparent access to the file system of a device. Unlike ipod, you can see the iriver as a usb device/file system; similiar with card readers (SmartCard, etc), the PC lets you view files within the file system. Although I agree that itunes has a nice interface, I still want to see the files within the file system; also I want the file names to be meaningful. Unlike the filenames of ebookwise files (which are basically nonsense to me), I want to file names to tell me something so I can copy them as files (or directories) if worse comes to worse.