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Liveblogging Jon Noring

Jon Noring is a technical expert with the openreader project. Here’s his presentation.

25 different ebook formats. Many are typographically poor. (in terms of finish; high resolution they look bad).

How can a reader system contain richness?

Structural v. regular PDFs. PDFs don’t scale well, etc.

Importance of getting a reference user agent. That makes it easy to

Orca is the open source reference implementation of openreader.

Status: Format working group is gathering requirements/feedback: discussing encapsulation issues; (zip files?), “DRM ready”

TEI-Lite/; XHTML not suited to this; Digital Talking Book markup vocabulary

Adobe is following openreader’s development; MS people are paying attention to them.

Noring says that implementing openreader in a typical browser is a fairly trivial task for IE and Mozilla guys because they’ve already done the heavy lifting. It’s not hard; it’s just a matter of putting it on the agenda and getting it done.

My question: a common use of ebook readers is downloading html pages (which are usually not good html pages). If HTML files are not valid XHTML, how will it handle it? Noring replied: there will be two different encapsulation implementations: one for OEBP 1.2, the other for the “web paradigm.”

Noring: If company wanted to get into ebookspace, the best way to be competitive is to implement openreader format.