Liveblogging: Let’s Go Library Expo: Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks

I’m attending a planet library teleconference. I’m jotting some things that struck me:

Mark Beatty from WiLS (Wisconsin Library Service) says that the PDA has won the ebook battle, quoting a librarian saying, “reading experience on the PDA is suprisingly not terrible.”

Advantages of PDA: owners are used to syncing content between PC and pda.

Ebook readers: early Rocketbook had an amazing interface and good access to public ebook archives.

Itunes as a success story: first the software, then the hardware, then they added content libraries.

Delicious library is a personal inventory system. It’s a plugin to itunes that lets you scan ISBN numbers of your books and DVD’s, and it will be stored in itunes (and presumably ipod). It’s Mac only, but there are Windows equivalents: boox bookster (booxster?) and readerware.

That raises the question (to me at least) about whether itunes is positioned to interface with other devices (apple and nonapple). Beatty didn’t think this was possible, saying you needed to have the same DRM.

Interestingly: in this discussion, lots of people expressed nostalgia for Rocketbook.