Mozbackup , a program for backing up mozilla/firefox/thunderbird settings. Haven’t tried, but will. More here.

Amazingly, nobody seems to have written a program to sync Thunderbird/Sunbird with PocketPC/Pocket Outlook. I’m reading a lot more about that.

New military medals

Is it legal to post political signs on the freeway? Freewayblogger answers:

O! Again, the rules vary from state to state, but here in California, your right to political self expression ends exactly 600 feet from the Interstate, and failure to comply may run afoul of the law notwithstanding that nothing in the Streets & Highways Code or Outdoor Advertising Act expressly bars political expression in those areas. Although it remains unresolved whether they are constitutional, some local laws may be used to keep you from speaking out on the roadways. The stated reason for limiting your right to political expression is that such signs present a safety hazard due to their being a “visual distraction” to drivers, which is perfectly reasonable just as soon as they move every damn billboard, commercial sign and jumbo-tron screen 600 feet from the freeway as well. So long as my local car dealer’s allowed to show commercials on a thousand square foot TV right next to the 405, you can call my piece of cardboard a visual distraction, but I’m not buying it. Going by those rules, the only people allowed to address commuters are those who either rent or own billboards, which may be fine for the sake of capitalism, but it’s bad for America.