New Buffy Episodes

Juliet Clark of Dream Factory reports some new Buffy episodes underway:

Out of My Mind (aired October 17, 2000)
Riley and I are getting to be good friends. Were tracking a pair of lowlifes who have been terrorizing the UC Sunnydale campus with a series of dimly lit illegal boxing matches and offscreen murders. We discover that the hoodlums are headquartered at an abandoned gas station on the outskirts of town. We follow them there and proceed to beat them up. Suddenly somebody asks, Wheres Buffy? Cut to the set of a Coppertone commercial, where Buffy and another blonde model are lying on beach towels. Nothing happens. Then we return to the action at the gas station, where Riley and I have tied the bad guys to an abandoned car and are taunting them with witty but not overly cruel remarks.

More planned episodes here. Tara is not really dead. Also, see Juliet Clark’s delightful memoir about seeing Walt Disney films as a kid (and adult).